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Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Sergio Nisenbaum began his Krav Maga jouney in late 1999. After five years of training, he excelled as a student and was considered to be a possible candidate for the instructor course. After a rigorous selection which was divided into three stages: physical, psychological, and technical, he was approved to participate in the training course for instructors in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The course includes the theory, philosophy, and didactics of the techniques. After 400 hours, he was approved in August 2005 in the fifth class of instructors. Since then, he has been teaching students of all ages as well as training for specific groups. Krav Maga’s mission is to bring self-confidence and raise one’s self-esteem. It prepares anyone to have the ability to defend themselves regardless of physical poise, gender, or age.

Since I started my Krav Maga journey, I've never stopped.
It's been more than 25 years and countless hours of training.

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