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Schedule the best hour to learn how to defend yourself in a one-on-one teaching environment.

Private lessons for families, adults, teens, and kids.


If you want to learn how to defend yourself in a one-on-one teaching environment, with privacy, and all attention dedicated to you or your family, Krav Maga's private lessons are perfect. Among many advantages, you will have the flexibility and convenience to choose the location and time of your training. All lessons will be tailored to meet your needs.


Krav Maga is a philosophy of life. An activity for everyone regardless of their height, age, weight, or gender in which you learn how to defend yourself, develop more self-control and beyond all that, burn calories and improve physical conditioning.


The movements are simple, fast, and efficient. The main aim is to end the confrontation as quickly as possible.


Krav Maga is a chance for you to stay alive in an aggressive situation. Classes prepare you to understand the situation you are in and have the solution to get out of it neutralizing the aggressor.

You will learn the Krav Maga techniques with excellence, quality, and responsibility from an earnest work of teaching the Krav Maga techniques since 2005.


8 Benefits of Krav Maga private classes

1. Improves fitness

2. Burns calories

3. Relieves stress and fights anxiety

4. Increases self-esteem and self-confidence

5. Fights bullying

6. Body and mental development

7. Learning how to handle fear and anxiety

8. Maximum use of classes resources

Schedule your first lesson and start learning how to defend yourself right now!


On-line worldwide lessons

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