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During the pandemic, in 2020, I had to keep closed my gym and stop all classes for almost 8 months. It was the time I needed to create my first book; soon after, I released the second book.


My interest in drawing began in my childhood and has not subsided since. After graduating college, I worked in the creative departments in advertising agencies for over 20 years. A simple sketch of one of the techniques used in Krav Maga inspired me to write the books. But how do you translate knowledge of the art of defending yourself into a book? I found the answer within another passion of mine, my love for drawing. A great desire to eternalize my technical knowledge of Krav Maga along with my artistic and creative knowledge of advertising followed. After countless hours of inspiration and hard work devoted to creating the technical illustrations and layout of each page, the book came true.


When I first thought about writing these books, I put myself in my student’s shoes. Volume 1 is written in such a way that is suitable for those with Krav Maga experience, as well as those who are just starting or have recently acquired an interest in the art. The techniques are explained through illustrations and simple didactic texts, making the reading enjoyable and easy to understand. Volume 2 follows the same creative line and reasoning of Volume 1. It is a practical guide that contains advanced techniques’ details and explanations of self-defense in different situations of aggression. Fully illustrated and with descriptive texts showing every defense step-by-step, the book translates, in a simple and objective way, the complexity of each movement. The two books complete each other and compose a significant source of reference of the Krav Maga techniques. For the practitioners of the art, it is an excellent didactic material of support and study for a better practice. It is also indicated to everyone who is willing to learn the Israeli self-defense art.

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The books have an exclusive channel on YouTube to complement learning with demos of the exercises.


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